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We know what it takes to grow your business organically. As part of competitive analysis, we identify your key competitors and evaluate their strategies to analyze their weaknesses and strengths compared to your service or product.
Seeing is believing. We agree.

In an increasingly connected world and a crowded market, how can your brand get the visibility it needs? With Google unleashing algorithm updates by the thousands every year and a constantly evolving landscape, SEO is not just about achieving a top page ranking, it’s about sustaining that position. Our SEO Services in Brisbane helps you to be on top consistently.


To ensure that your SEO hits the sweet spot, it is imperative to begin well. This helps create a strong foundation to determine the appropriate strategy and move the needle. Our SEO audit services help you recognize what needs to be fixed and the approach that must be adopted.


As part of competitive analysis, we identify your key competitors and evaluate their strategies to analyze their weaknesses and strengths compared to your service or product.


To achieve higher rankings in search engines, it is important to have a robust on-page SEO strategy. Our services ensure that your pages are not over-optimized with content, to make them more appealing to search engines and customers.


A website performs well if it is properly tuned. We carry out a comprehensive technical audit to identify performance bottlenecks and areas that require streamlining. This includes page speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, file compression and browser caching – to address all crucial technical aspects of your website.


If you are targeting keywords across geographies for your global business, you will encounter stiff competition and must put in a lot of effort to outrank. At Web Monarchs, we know what it takes to create a reliable and robust website – one that search engines favor irrespective of the location of your customers.


Obtaining links from relevant and trustworthy sites in your industry can drive your pages to the top in search engines. Our methodology of building links and expanding the backlink profile enhances your website’s reputation with a profile that search engines are fond of, to ensure long-term rankings.

Google Analytics!
what is that?

Google Analytics is a website analysis tool, which provides sophisticated reports about traffic on your website. No matter which type of site you have – eCommerce, brochure, or lead generating – Google Analytics can show you how visitors find your site and how they use it.

Dominate local searches

Optimise Google My Business Listing

Showing up as a listed business on Google searches is extremely important for great, local SEO success. Ensuring that users have all the facts in front of them will help drive them to your website and subsequently become paying customers. We’ll help showcase the most important details of your business to help drive those customers to your doorstep.

A Holistic Mobile Approach

Paying valuable attention to your mobile users is important for any local SEO strategy, and we provide our campaigns at the highest quality possible. Neglecting to provide a great user experience for your local audience is bad for business and your reputation. It’s 2023 – searches fly off mobiles at a rapid pace and if your mobile SEO is subpar, it will fade away into obscurity.

Pinpoint Location Targeting & NAP

Funnelling-in hotspot locations of your target market allow us to help you reach the most valuable users for your business. We want your visitors to have the easiest time contacting you. Making use of your name, address and phone number related to your business gives every chance of a potential lead. Need local SEO services? Feel free to get in touch with the only local SEO agency in Brisbane that understands your needs.

Maximise Your Local SEO Presence

It is no surprise that in an increasingly digital world, that small businesses are understanding their online potential. We want to get local customers excited about your products and services just as much as you are. Targeting Brisbane businesses? As a local SEO company, we’re always aiming to help you reach the people most important for your brand’s success.

Pay Per Click service
So what is Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is just as it sounds, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Depending on the industry you could pay anywhere from one cent to twenty dollars a click! The best part of PPC advertising is that, unlike traditional forms of marketing such as radio, television or print, your ads can be very targeted to the audience you want to reach. You can show your ads only to people interested in a certain product, live in a specific location or are in a specific age category.


As mentioned above, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. Where your ad will appear is determined in a similar process to an auction. The more you bid (on your cost per click), the better the chance you will show up in the first spot. However, google has added some extra criteria into their auction – Quality Score. There are several factors involved in ranking your quality score.


PPC advertising has been very successful for businesses and for that reason more and more are getting on board. Just to reiterate, over $95 BILLION USD was spent on PPC ads through Google in 2017! Properly written ads will help generate a large amount of traffic to your website, which in turn drive sales.

WHAT DOES web monarchs OFFER?

Web Monarchs will help manage your PPC campaign and increase it’s results through several proven methods. We will increase your campaigns quality score and CTR, by creating custom landing pages, proven ad copy techniques and proper keyword research. Stop wasting your money on inefficient PPC campaigns and start appearing on top of your competitors for less. We will provide you with everything you need to run an effective campaign and track it’s results (conversion rates and ROI).

we’ve got the experience, expertise, and commitment you are looking for 

From your first interaction with our team, we will do everything we can to improve your site and online presence. At Web Monarchs, we help small and medium-sized businesses just like yours improve their online presence. From lead generation websites to e-commerce stores to membership sites and more, we have the expertise and experience your business needs.

Our expert team includes online marketing consultants, website designers, user experience experts, website developers, copywriters, graphic designers, and SEO specialists. We offer straightforward pricing, too, as well as excellent customer service during the design process and after your website is launched.

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Frequently asked questions

The results can vary based on several factors. However, you will see measurable improvement in rankings in the first couple of months after the initial technical SEO fixes and on-page efforts. However, sites which have been penalized, launched recently, or present in a highly competitive environment could witness slow progress.

Though SEO is an on-going process, the duration of your SEO campaign will depend on the competition you are up against. There are a few industries that allow you to take your foot off the pedal for a few months. However, industries such as medical & healthcare, finance, and real estate may require you to have a sustained focus on SEO as the competition moves aggressively with new SEO strategies.

Incremental fluctuations in Google rankings are quite normal and recurring and are a manifestation of how Google’s ranking algorithm functions. With time, the rankings will stabilize as link-building efforts continue.

Our approach to SEO begins by inspecting the website to identify various issues impeding its performance. We also make sure that Google is not degrading the site in any manner. Once the inspection is done, we optimize the site for targeted phrases and keywords. Subsequently, we kick-off developing authority to the site using link building efforts.