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WordPress maintenance service.

We keep your WordPress website running. At Web Monarchs, We Don’t Mess Around With Security. We provide the best WordPress maintenance service in Brisbane. 
Our website maintenance
services include

You don’t have to worry about the technical difficulties in maintaining your website anymore. From backups, to WordPress & plugin updates, we will take care of all the details so you don’t have to!

24/7 Protection

Through daily malware scans, vulnerability scans, blocking bot attacks, firewall protection, and automatic malware removal, we provide you with 24/7 protection from online threats to keep your website safe and secure.

Daily Backups & Restore

Rest easy, Web Monarchs has you covered with daily website backups and simple one-click restore options for your website so you never have to worry about losing your data.

WordPress Security

We fortify the protection of your website by defending you against any and all potential risk with WordPress security plugin installation and setup.

Plugin Updates

Our team of web experts will help you extend your websites functionality, patch security issues and ensure continued compatibility with Monthly WordPress plugin updates.

Uptime Monitoring

With detailed response time reporting checked every 5 minutes, we ensure constant online availability of your website with extensive uptime monitoring.

Monthly WP Updates

A website performs well if it is properly tuned. We carry out a comprehensive technical audit to identify performance bottlenecks and areas that require streamlining. This includes page speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, file compression and browser caching – to address all crucial technical aspects of your website.

Safeguarding your website

There are many threats online, and these risks are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they attack your website. This is why we have proper security monitoring and security scans in place to protect your website.

Updated by humans

In our WordPress maintenance service, we manually update your site every month to ensure that your WordPress website always has the latest features and security advancements. Testing begins in staging environments and is updated before deployment.

Routine WordPress updates

Don’t worry about those regular maintenance tasks and WordPress and plugin updates anymore. With our WordPress maintenance service, we take charge of your website technical maintenance and provide you with peace of mind.

Fast Cloud WordPress

We host your WordPress site on fully dedicated servers and use the power of cloud servers of Digital Ocean. This means you’ll get top-rated performance and reliability included in every Cutaran website maintenance service.

Website maintenance
for all industries

No task is out of our scope here at Web Monarchs, as our dynamic web maintenance team have a wealth of experience maintaining websites for a myriad of unique industries. From local clients here in Brisbane, to many others across Australia, at Web Monarchs, your company is in great and experienced hands.

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Veterinarians & Pet Care

Dental Clinics

Healthcare & Medical

insurance Firms

Travel & Tourism

Financial & Banking

Real Estate Agencies

Automotive Shops

Schools & Colleges

Agriculture & Farmland

Retail Stores & Outlets

Lawyers, Attorneys

Gyms & Health Clinics

we’ve got the experience, expertise, and commitment you are looking for 

From your first interaction with our team, we will do everything we can to improve your site and online presence. At Web Monarchs, we help small and medium-sized businesses just like yours improve their online presence. From lead generation websites to e-commerce stores to membership sites and more, we have the expertise and experience your business needs.

Our expert team includes online marketing consultants, website designers, user experience experts, website developers, copywriters, graphic designers, and SEO specialists. We offer straightforward pricing, too, as well as excellent customer service during the design process and after your website is launched.

Services we work with

Frequently asked questions

It’s the oil change to the car that is your website. It’s the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done regularly in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.

Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to companies small and big in order to engage and retain customers.

Regular monitoring of your website is essential for keeping your business running smoothly.

Without proper maintenance, you can face issues from slow speed to hacked customers, or even website data loss due to data corruption.

You’ve launched an awesome new website and you want to make sure it stays awesome. Web maintenance service helps you maintain your online presence. It plays a vital role in web development. It’s important to update the content at regular intervals as visitors will lose interest if the content is unchanged. It is important to keep your site content, files, pictures, videos, etc. fresh and current. This helps to keep your site visitors engaged and informed.

Quality assurance and website maintenance constitute the backbone of high-quality information, and they imply the difference between amateurish and professional web development.

Your website is the first impression that your customers will have of your business. If it’s down, outdated or buggy, it’ll give your company a bad reputation right away. The truth is website maintenance is extremely important for every business, big or small.

Keeping your site, plugins, frameworks, and server up to date is also the biggest step you can take to secure your website. Outdated plugins can be responsible for WordPress breaches. The month you miss doing updates could be the month your contact form plugin gets hacked. Updates usually contain security patches that will close the window for intrusion.

Don’t let your website fall behind and potentially leave your customer base behind with it… Through website maintenance services carried out by professionals, your website will run smoothly, engaging your audience and giving your visitors a great first impression, effectively turning your audience from your visitors into your customers!

We offer packages that tackle every aspect of what makes a website successful, namely: security, website updates and ongoing monitoring. With Web Monarchs, your website is in great hands.

It is known that there are some developers that won’t work on a site that they didn’t develop themselves and others will only work within a specific Content Management System or framework.

You can rely on our agency as we have developers dedicated to website maintenance who are comfortable working on a wide range of platforms.

This will depend on how much website maintenance is required to complete your request. Your quote will include time frames.

This will depend on the type of website you have. If your website doesn’t enable you to do it by yourself, we can suggest you options about converting your website into a CMS (Content Management System).

We feel your pain! We totally understand that there are a lot of options in this city and that you might be struggling to choose the right one to handle website maintenance for your business. The reality is that it depends on many things, such as reputation/reviews, price, previous work examples and how comfortable you felt with them on the phone. You also want to make sure you hire a local Brizzy agency and not a agency that “pretends” to be here but outsources all their services offshore.

It never hurts to speak to a few different companies before making a decision. We at Web Monarchs are totally transparent when it comes to our physical location, and you can find our prices, reviews and examples of our work on our website as well. Nothing is hidden! We’re confident about our abilities and are one of the rare companies that have a 100% satisfaction or money back policy.

While we conduct routine maintenance work on it, your website will not go down. However, this will depend on your preferences.


Nope. You can cancel any time as there is no contract for our website management services. Our service is truly month-to-month and there are no cancellation fees nor are there any outstanding balances as our services are charged upfront each month. You simply agree to our Terms & Conditions of service which outlines how everything works.

Yes. Our team will create a complete redesign of your website based on the hottest trends of today combined with tried and tested templates to create something new, sleek and tailored to your company.

Absolutely. We can provide you with a link to view and approve your changes, before we go live with the updates.

Major Search Engines favor frequently updated websites. Better positioning / rank for your website may be defined by a website maintenance service. Your website will provide the latest information about you in order to attract web traffic. Obsolete information is misleading to your future customers and definitely of little value to them.

Maintenance of the website becomes important if the website is large and involves quite a few sections which require frequent updates / changes. We will help you cover all the changes required on the website over a given period of time.

You can hand us the website over & just relax. Register with us for an Annual Maintenance Contract and you’d make sure we’d take care of all your website maintenance requirements throughout the year.

Maintenance of the website is important to any business, whatever its size. Your website is a worldwide gateway into your business and it can have a big impact on how the value of your product or service is perceived. A well-kept website is important for the service industries in real time. To attract and retain clients, sustain search engine rankings and present new content, products and services to the public all companies need routine website maintenance. Website maintenance is also required to keep the website value over time.

Websites with old content rank lower in listings of search engines. Many search engines, including Google, will scan the “if-modified-since” HTTP header on your page to decide if it’s worth crawling. Failure to make frequent changes could cause you to be pushed in the listings below active competitors, and over time cost you business.